Alora Young, Nashville based, Poet, Performer, and Activist

Award-Winning Poet

Ten years of writing experience.

National Youngarts winner,

Scholastic Gold Medalist,

International Human Rights day Rising Activist

Nashville’s 2020 Youth Poet Laureate

Youth Poet Laureate of the southern United States

Presidential Scholar Of the Arts

Memoir ‘Walking Gentry Home’ coming 2022 from Hogarth Books

In my school, we are the generation of the bomb—we're loving,
because that's all we have left—we're rising,
the reincarnation of a war-torn silent generation
we’re louder than they could ever be before
cause our constitution mandates love and understanding,
cause prejudice is no match for Google translate we are
seven thousand days away from burning ourselves to the ground
Maybe in the ashes Nashville, Hillsboro, will still be around
because this city is a people not a place
I can see Nashville in every single face
and I know when music city sends that song of embrace
Even the cicadas will listen. 

Commissions, and preformances!


Rock The Vote Special

New York Times

Poem:To Have A Name

Original music

Measure of A Man available on spotify

Poetry snippets


The stars I sought since the moment the sky meant something 

Howling wind like commandos whipped

Over the Altoona sky 

Unified my universe with Poly Pockets painted the color of supernovas.

Commissioned Piece

weeds and dandelions rise

 through concrete like apparitions

 resurrecting the soil of yesterday giving way

 to flowers, then bushes, then trees

 enriching the soil with such expertise

 you’d think they were artists. 

The way they warble a long-forgotten anthem

 to a desert and turn back time.